Frequently Asked Questions

Here at the Senior Center we find that we get quite a few frequently asked questions, so we’ve put together a list of the ten questions that we seem to get most from seniors and their families.
If you don’t find the answer to the particular question that you have, please feel free to contact us here at the Bugbee Center and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the answer.

Q. Are people under 60 welcome to participate in programs at Bugbee Senior Center?
A. Absolutely! In general, the only difference is that people under 60 are charged $6.00 for lunch (instead of the $5.00 suggested donation). However, for classes or clinics where participation is limited, those under 60 are accepted on a “space available” basis.

Q. I work all day and my mother is no longer able to stay alone. May I drop her off at the Bugbee Senior Center in the morning and pick her up after work?
A. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide adult day care services. You might want to discuss your particular situation with a senior advocate or case manager to develop a plan to manage your mother’s care. A senior advocate from the Area Agency on Aging can be reached at the Senior Helpline (1-800-642-5119).

Q. My father does not have a computer but I know he would enjoy reading the Bugbee Bulletin. How can I get him on your mailing list?
A. Just call the Bugbee Senior Center at 802-295-9068 and give us his name and complete mailing address. Donations are appreciated but there is no fee. We may also ask for his date of birth just for statistical purposes.

Q. How can I arrange for home-delivered meals?
A. Home-delivered meals are available Monday through Friday for people age 60 and over, in our service area, who are homebound, frail or recuperating from illness or surgery. Frozen meals are available for weekends, on request. The suggested donation is $5.00 per meal, which may be mailed to White River Council on Aging, 262 N. Main St., WRJ., VT 05001. People under 60, who need home-delivered meals need to get approval through the Vermont Center for Independent Living in Montpelier (1-800-639-1522).

There are some restrictions, however. Because we rely on volunteers to deliver meals, we cannot always provide full delivery service to some areas. In those circumstances, we try to work with the person requesting the meals to find a way to meet the need. In many cases, we are able to deliver hot meals on some days and provide frozen meals for the other days.

Q. Can the home-delivered meals program accommodate my special diet?
A. Due to limitations in our kitchen, the only “special diet” we are able to accommodate is “diabetic”. However, we do try to be aware of special requests, such as “no salad”, “no milk”, etc. We do not add salt to any of the dishes we prepare but some items may not be appropriate for those on a strict low-sodium diet.

Q. My mother doesn’t want to receive home-delivered meals but I think she should have them. Can I sign her up?
A. It is important that the person receiving the meals is willing to accept them. It is not fair to our volunteers to put them in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. However, you might want to address this issue with her health care provider and/or a senior advocate.

Q. What transportation services are available through Bugbee Senior Center?
A. Our van provides transportation to Bugbee Senior Center, to medical appointments and scheduled shopping trips, for those over 60, within Hartford and Norwich. On occasion, we also arrange for transportation to medical appointments by volunteers when the van is not available or would not be appropriate. Call the Bugbee Senior Center (802-295-9068) for specific information.

Q. Who qualifies for Senior Housing?
A. You must be 62 or older or you must be disabled to qualify. A disabled person can be any age, but has to have a permanent disability, usually best proven by receiving SSI or SSD. For most senior housing, there are maximum monthly income levels.

Q. What income guidelines apply for Senior Housing?
A. The income guidelines are subject to change and vary widely from facility to facility, so check with the management firm in charge of the facility you are interested in.

Q. Where do I apply for Senior Housing?
A. There is no single place to apply, and you cannot apply at the housing itself. Each place has a different professional management firm. You must call or write for an application form for each place that interests you, fill it in and send it back. They will respond saying that you appear to be eligible and are now on the waiting list, or that you are not eligible. If you are told you are not eligible to be on the waiting list, you may ask the management firm for a written explanation. You may also request assistance from a senior advocate by calling  the Senior Helpline at 1-800-642-5119.

The management firms and the units they manage are:

Stewart Property Management
PO Box 10540, Bedford, NH 03110 603-641-2163
Graystone Village, off Holiday Inn Drive, WRJ
Village Apartments, 151 Gates St., WRJ

S. K. Properties
PO Box 250, New Ipswitch, NH 03071 603-878-2400
Windsor Hollow, off Manning Dr., WRJ

Vermont State Housing Authority
One Prospect St., Montpelier, VT 05602 1-800-820-5119
Colodny House, South Main St., WRJ
Brightwood House, South Royalton, VT

Moseley Associates, Ltd.
48 Stagecoach Rd., WRJ 802-296-2600
Norwich Senior Housing, Hazen St., Norwich

Peabody Properties
State St, Windsor, VT 05089 802-674-2867
Olde Windsor Village, State St, Windsor

Geoffrey Nichols
PO Box 381, Woodstock, VT 05091
Mellishwood, Pleasant St, Woodstock

Lebanon Housing Authority
31 Romano Circle, W Lebanon, NH 03784 603-298-5753
Maple Manor, Maple St., W Lebanon

Q. How long must I wait for Senior Housing?
A. Most places have a waiting list of at least two years before you are contacted about an opening. Be sure to respond in the meantime to any requests for updated information. If you change your address and do not notify the management firm, you may be dropped from the waiting list without notice.